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With so many beautiful bodies of water at our beckon - knowing how to swim and be safe around the water is a must!  

And if you are looking for something more than your run of the mill swimming lessons, we have the answer for you.  Our Red Cross based lessons are designed to fit your individual needs!

Group Swimming Lessons
Swim Lessons 

For a wide range of reasons there are millions of Americans that do not know how to swim.

So whether you were raised by non-swimming parents or had a scary water experience, you are not alone. But the good news is that it is never to late to learn to swim. 
Let us show you how!

Want to COOL off this summer while HEATING up your workout routine? Aqua-Fitness classes offer you the chance to do just that!! Once thought of as "senior -size" Aqua Fitness has come a LONG way.
Water exercise can challenge the fittest, while providing a safe workout option for those with limitations or restrictions .
Come see for yourself!

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