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Yes you can ~ By utilizing the resistance and buoyancy of water! 

You will experience the ultimate workout that is an ideal supplement for land based training or a replacement routine when you are injured. Aquatic exercise is an excellent means of achieving weight loss and improving stamina in an environment that is accommodating to a wide range of individuals. 

Aqua aerobics is no longer a pool full of grandmas bobbing around in flowered bathing caps and skirted swimsuits. In an aqua-fitness class you'll find a pool full of fitness enthusiasts and former athletes looking for a challenging workout that's easy on the joints. So put your swimsuit back on and take your workout to the pool!

Please be sure to fill out a Health Survey and Release Form before attending your first class. Follow the links to check out our current class schedule and pricing structure
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Aqua Fitness Classes
821 E Valley Rd, 
Maple City
231-228-7265 Hm
703-472-3222 cell
Aqua Fitness Classes:
Thurs & Fri @ 9:15 am
Tues & Weds @ 6 pm

Self Guided Classes
Monday - Saturday Mornings @ 8 am, 
Monday& Wednesday Evenings @ 6 pm
Please Call to Schedule/Coordinate

Contact: (703) 472-3222
Of Northern Michigan
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Can you stay in top shape while reducing the amount of stress on your joints?  
Open Swim Pricing
  • Drop-In: You may pay as you go for $10.00 / time.
  • One Month Credits: You may purchase swim credits for the current month @ $8.00 / time.

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Aqua Fitness Class Pricing
  • Drop-In: You may pay as you go for $15.00 / class.
  • One Month Credits: You may pre purchase class credits for the current month @ $10.00 / class.
If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

My cell number is: 703-472-3222

Come and Enjoy Yourself!! Camille